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Episode 1540: Jo Sullivan / Counselor & Fund Raiser

62 minutes

"I was one of those drinkers that blacked out the first time I drank. I thought I wouldn't drink again. Three days later I did."—Jo on SRN

Jo is just beginning her story in recovery and most of what she’d normally put in a bio happened during years of active addiction, but they did contribute to who she is today.

Jo has been in the fundraising world for most of her career. She’s worked for everyone from the ASPCA (have you SEEN that Sara McLachlan commercial—you can thank her) to MADD (ironic isn’t it?). Her background gives her a different perspective on addiction. Jo sees the movement as early advocates saw HIV/AIDS or international child hunger. She asks herself questions about where the movement fits in the share of donor giving already so competitive or how to break out of the stigma and mainstream recovery support much like Susan G. Komen demanded we stop mourning cancer and celebrate survival.

But for now, Jo’s just a middle-age woman in recovery who went back to school in her 40’s, finished an Addiction Counseling program and now works with young men who are battling this disease every day. She believes there’s nothing like seeing the devastation and the miracles up close.

She doesn’t blog, our show will be her first ever telling her story publically but she is 100% committed to whatever she can do go give the disease a mainstream platform and help people who want to find the place to recover outloud. Starting with 6 guys in a house in Maryland.

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