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Episode 1538: Scott Magnuson & Shaaren Pine / Torn Together

44 minutes

"I had to figure out a way to be (sober) around (alcohol) constantly."—Scott (restauranteur) on SRN

Torn Together is a memoir, written by recovering alcoholic and addict husband, Scott Magnuson, and codependent wife, Shaaren Pine.

The memoir chronicles Scott’s addiction as his illness infects everyone around him, his eventual treatment, and the recovery process the whole family undertakes.

It is also the story of The Argonaut, one of revitalized H Street NE’s first restaurants, the struggle to get off the ground, rebuild after a terrible fire, and to keep going as the family is falling apart.

Together, Scott and Shaaren run two businesses, have created a non-profit—Restaurant Recovery™—, serve on two boards, and are raising their daughter, Ara.

Scott is continuing his career in the restaurant industry, and, through their non-profit, he and Shaaren are dedicated to helping others out of addiction's darkness. The mission of Restaurant Recovery is to provide comprehensive solutions—including finding and funding treatment—to address addiction and its effects on restaurant employees, their families and the restaurant industry.

They live in Washington, DC, and this is their first book.

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