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Episode 1533: Jill Bauer / The Rooms Project

50 minutes

"I think I was drinking suicidally from day one where I need to drink myself into oblivion and not feel or remember anything."
—Jill on SRN

Jillian Bauer is a Philadelphia-based multimedia entrepreneur and educator specializing in audiovisual storytelling. She was recently profiled by the Philadelphia City Paper, WHYY and The Philadelphia Inquirer for her work on The Rooms Project, a photo and audio story series on individuals living in recovery from addiction and alcoholism.

Since March 2014 Jillian has driven through nearly twenty states where she’s captured the stories of more than 100 people. Through her work she aims to share stories of life on the other side of addiction, giving recovery a voice through the stories of experience, strength, and hope often heard in "the rooms" of recovery support groups and meetings.

When she’s not traveling, Jillian teaches courses in journalism and interactive design at Temple and Philadelphia University. On the weekends she eats lots of snacks and spends time with "Mr. Jill." Feel free to find out more about Jillian at @throomsproject on Twitter.

@throomsproject on Twitter (That's not a typo—there's really missing "e")

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