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Episode 1502: Recover Rewind Review / Clean and Sober

62 minutes

Ep. 1502
Recover, Rewind, Review
Clean and Sober

In which Jeff, Matt and I discuss the 1988 Michael Keaton rehab/12 Step classic then finish with an extended discussion that covers the 12th Step, the 11th tradition and anonymity in recovery.

Atuk. ( The screenwriter, Tod Carroll’s unfilmed, and supposedly cursed, script. It’s taken the lives of at least three well-known substance-abusing actors.

Jerry Stahl. Writer of both screwball, illegal alien sitcom, Alf ( his autobiographical story of his heroin addiction—and Ben Stiller tragicomic vehicle—Permanent Midnight. (

All clips from the film Clean and Sober / 1988 / Warner Bros.
With the exception of “My name is John…” clip from Dear John (TV) / 1988 / CBS (

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