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4.09 Erin Shaw Street / Writer

72 minutes

NOTE: The first 5 minutes of Erin on mic are VERY hard to hear her. Then it gets better. My fault. —Chris

“This is my life and it's a fight for it.”

Erin Shaw Street is a writer, editor, and content strategist based in Birmingham, Alabama. Her nearly 20-year career has taken her to just about every corner of the media, where she’s covered health and wellness, and travel and culture. Erin’s sobriety date is March 12, 2016.

Her passion is to draw from her experience in media and as a woman in recovery to challenge the accepted cultural and media narrative around alcohol. She’s also passionate about recovery in the South, and highlighting how big life in sobriety can actually be, whether it be through travel, creativity, or every day life. Erin is a mom, Florida native, collector of vintage caftans and at heart, a reporter who tells stories of life unedited.

You can find her writing at and @erinshawstreet.


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