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16.23: Carly Benson / Miracles Are Brewing

57 minutes

"I need help. I need a miracle."
—Carly on coming to believe that a power greater than herself could restore her to sanity.

As an avid traveler, yogi & confessed self-help junkie, Carly writes about her adventures in life & sobriety on where she offers inspirational concepts for enlightenment, spirituality & embracing epicness.

She’s been sober from cocaine and alcohol since August 17, 2008 and has found her passion working as an ambassador for sobriety by sharing her experiences of living life above the influence in her writing and speaking. She currently offers one-on-one sobriety coaching and is working on publishing an ebook as well as a self-help book along with creating her first sober retreat in 2017. When she’s not writing or geeking out on the Internet, you can find her sipping tea, hiking mountains, catching a flight, reading a book or dancing to deep house music, which often may be a dance party of one in her living room.


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