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1501.0 / Guess Who's Back

56 minutes

Tell A Friend…Seriously, Tell A Friend.

Thanks for sticking with us while we took a couple of weeks off to deck our halls, roast our chestnuts and dash through snow laughing all the way. (And, no, none of those are euphemisms.) I toyed with making a withdrawal reference but it seemed a bit too lazy and probably not that funny and two of my NY rezzies are to be less lazy and more funny. And besides, I know you missed us.

The important thing is that we're back and back and talking recovery with a new episode of the Since Right Now Pod.

• The in-studio SRN Crew of Jeff, Matt and Chris—that's me—catch up and chat about resolutions and the challenges we faced and wonders we witnessed during this past Season of Joy, Merriment and Crushing Anxiety.

• I think we start making plans to put on a pop-up dry bar here in the STL

• We talk about the smoking elephant in the rooms: smoking in recovery

• Jeff and Matt (AA) help Chris (non-AA) work through some Step 4 and Step 9 questions with some 12 Step advice

• Oh, and Chris gives a shameless, but genuine, plug for his new favorite chilly B, Q Ginger Ale , and Jeff gives Chantix another ringing endorsement

• And a whole load of shite about inferiority complexes, self-loathing and the generally dickish behaviour of our pasts. Whee!

• Marilyn will join us (ir)regularly beginning with Ep.1502.0 to cast a ray of light over these somber proceedings

Please visit for full show notes w/ links.

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