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218: Different Day

The Boys return after another brief hiatus and nothing has changed and everything has changed.

217: Ceci n'est pas un recovery podcast.

Not the recovery podcast you need, but the recovery podcast you deserve.

216: High Definition Recovery

Is this the one where we jumped the shark?

214: Good, Clean Fun

Don't make us pull this podcast over and come back there!

213: This Is Water

Your favorite hour of non-stop banal recovery platitudes!

212: The Devil's Nectar

Keep your stupid recovery opinions to yourself, share your sobriety tips freely, and don't go to Chris's barbershop.

We talk *a lot* about NA beer on this one, and anger, and resentment, and …

211: Recovery in the Face of Adversity

The Official Podcast of Recovery™ is humans. Just like you. So, give us a f*dging break.

210: Alcohol-Free Molotov Cocktails

What's to be said about addiction recovery that hasn't been said 209-times before?

Find out here!

209: Still a Recovery Podcast

Despite going on at length about the global pandemic, the PINO in the White House and the state of race relations and policing in the US, we're still …

207: It Wasn't Supposed to Be Like This.

Where is your pod now?!

205: In These Uncertain Times

Wired expressions of recovery: tattoos and memoirs

Tired recovery grifts: gurus, coaches, alt methodologies

Inspired depictions of those suffering from …

204: A Very Special Episode with Kathy, Matt's Mom

Remember that one episode of Since Right Now when Matt's mom was the special guest star?

Well, now you will.

203: Pod Is Dead

In which Camus and Nietzsche make appearances.

"Good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding."

202: How Soon Is Right Now?

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

201: Hope Springs Eternal

Jeff & Matt & Chris find some measure of contentment in this, our fourth, week of socially distanced podcasting.

200: Recovery as It Is (Not as It Should Be)

"And then, poof, you were gone."

Well, we're back now.

The third episode of our fifth season (after a year-and-a-week-long hiatus.)

199: These Things Take Time

The second episode of our 2020 Quarantine Comeback Tour.

198: Alone Together Again

After a year-long hiatus, the boys return to socially isolate with you.

197: Life Is What Happens

"Whatever it was, 'The Answer to Everything' wasn't memorable."

We talk ayahuasca, altered states, anger, our upcoming 200th episode, and the "Best Virtual Wednesday Night Meeting"—our chat …

196: Wednesday Night Recovery Club

"We should have named this podcast 'Trigger Warning.'"

Get turnt fam with this lit episode where the Recovery Squad talks NA beer, therapy, rehab, and …

195: Fake Recovery

"If you buy a car, make sure you can sleep in it."

The Indie Darlings of Addiction Recovery Podcasting™ are back after a two-week hiatus.

Jeff & Matt 12 Step a dude right in the face.

Are …

194: Fortune Favors the Sober

"There's a little leg hair on that acid."

Robbed at gunpoint, an unexpected diagnosis, being fired from a long-time job….life is what happens while you're busy being sober.

193: Coked Up

"The way you make them alcoholic is…you add alcohol."

In which Chris rants about Coca-Cola's new non-alcoholic adult beverage product line, Bar None, …

192: Recovery Podcast

"It is a fire hose of insanity."

Anger! Anxiety! Social Media! Therapy! Resentment! Politics! Matt's back and we're all over the fucking place. You …

191: Dry January

"Grandma's drinking."

Jeff & Chris take off the gloves and come out swinging in the one-nine.


Themes: @djfmdotcom

190: Bikini Bakesale

"Let's eat at the Chinese place. No, I didn't relapse."

The boys end the year with whatever the opposite of a bang is.


Themes: @djfmdotcom

189: Blinded by Recovery Science

"I think butt chugging was invented after I quit drinking…which I'm thankful for."

Some say "substance use disorder," some say "addiction." Let's call …

188: Listen to Our Podcast Ye Sober, and Recover!

"I'm pissed off that you guys aren't looking for alcoholics!"

Our name is Since Right Now, Pod of Pods.


Also Available on Apple Podcasts, …

187: We Three Kings of Recovery Are

“So we could still feel like we were living on the edge we had a designated driver who was drinking all night long.”


Pop's Blue Moon (STL) NA …

186: Boom, Goes the Recovery!

"Give me something big and ostentatious because I want to make a scene!"


Patrick Holbert / Punch Line Drunk: A Sober Comedian …

185: You Can Lead a Horse to Sobriety, but You Can't Make It Recover

"You know what would have been great? If you had turned into a werewolf."

The boys are back. Again.

But don't call it a comeback, we've been doing it …

183: An Alcohol-Free Champagne Supernova Is Born

How many special people change? How many lives are living strange?
Where were you while we were casting pod?

Jeff tries to convince Matt and Chris to go see A Star Is Born.


182: Recovery Is a Drink Best Served Cold. (And Alcohol-Free.)

"Then we got to the funny part where he took all the bottles of wine and locked them up in a cabinet in the basement."

Listener Lynne calls in and we …

181: Recover Like Nobody's Watching

"I don't think I can order a Shirley Temple for you."

Jeff, Matt, & Chris perform a vulgar display of recovery for your amusement.

In this ep.:

180: Crash Test Recovery

"I dunno shrink. You tell me."

Chris & Matt talk about fighting with —and having make-up therapy with— their therapists.

• People Around the World Experienced Record Levels of …

179: Recovery by Any Other Name

"I had a pirate's booty treasure chest full of chips."

Matt, Jeff, & Chris doing what they do.



The Recovery Science Research …

177: Sobriety, the Thinking Person's Drunk As Fudge

“I’m just gonna do this to show all these bastards.”

The boys talk about the days right around their sobriety dates.

175: If This Is an Emergency Hang up and Find a Different Recovery Podcast

"There is no drummer."

Jeff's back!

Q's raised—or inferred—and likely not A'ed:
Are we ignorant of that which we speak?
Are we dismissive of others' recovery experiences?
Is The Fix owned by Big …

174: Right Back On

"We've got our horses in a row."

While Jeff's wagon train is still headin' back from out West, Matt and Chris sit around the campfire telling stilted, disjointed tales that only by chance …

173: Trigger Warning

"Right now they're talking about sarsaparilla."

Matt & Chris fly a "missing man" formation and revel in the fact that—despite the current state of …

172: An Eternity in Recovery

"Where you goin'? I'll buy your drinks."

The Boys are back with the first episode of Season 5 and it wouldn't be an SRN ep without technical …

169: Easier to Listen to than Most Podcasts

"Gee, Wally, I think this drinking's got me licked."

Jeff and Chris talk religion, AA literature, therapy, listener feedback, David Cassidy, dry counties, finally figuring out how we're …

168: Tune In, Turn On, Pod Out

"Stop talking to me Duran Duran!"

The boys chat about the coming revolution in psychedelic psycho-pharmacology to treat mental health issues including …

167: More Podcast About Sobriety and Recovery

"I'll just drink at birthdays, funerals, and weddings." — Carl

Meetings, anxiety, non-alcoholic beer, life. And a listener, Carl, calls in!

166: Growing Fonder Hearts

"How did you know my name was Bro?"

Absence makes the heart grow fonder'' yet, 'out of sight, out of mind'? Stop fucking with us aphorisms!

Also, does anybody read the notes?

165: Can You Hear Us Now?

NOTE: This episode is almost unlistenable due to echo.*

If you can get past the fkciung annoying! echo you'll find Jeff and Chris pondering the very nature of existence.

NOT! It's just more …

164: Technical Difficulties

“This is starting to sound like a ‘woe is me’ situation.”

In which Chris rambles on for half an hour about the woes of having to produce and engineer a podcast.

Also, with some sobriety, …

4.28 Q & AA

"We got a Jew, a Muslim and a Christian here."
"Next episode we walk into a bar."

The 3 Wise Guys, attempt to A some Qs from listener Trish in NYC. Qs like (and I paraphrase): What's up with …

4.27 Clown Tears

"At 50, I feel the most numb I've ever felt."

Join Jeff, Matt, and Chris for another rollicking good time discussing, sobriety, recovery, and…feelings.

4.26 A Grain of Salt

"Check out my obsidian collection."

Jeff, Matt, and Chris go through more listener mail and dole out nuggets of folksy wisdom.


Support by …

4.25 Mailbag

"Of course (I'm drinking) mom! I'm drunk right now."

The guys open up the mailbag, taste Wellbeing Brewing's new N.A. Dark Amber brew, and get all hot about the Trump administration and its …

4.24 There Will Be Blood

"We're here for fun, not for facts."

Chris goes to the doctor. Then goes again.

Article mentioned:

It Looked Like a Familiar Case of Depression, but …

4.23 Whatevs

"Ok, so, are you feeling better?"


Themes: @djfmdotcom

4.22 The Future

"Welcome to fucking parenthood."

Kids. Amirite?


Themes, as always, graciously provided by @djfmdotcom

4.20 Outside Issues

"They'd have parties and people would come over and act weird."

Jeff, Matt, and Chris may or may not have just wrapped Since Right Now for 2017.

4.19 12th Steppin' and the Blood of Christ

”We'll give him a 12th Step he'll never forget!"

Jeff, Matt, and Chris discuss the process of 12th Stepping someone (and possibly forming their own rogue, extreme 12th Step group,) we …

4.18 N.A. Beer

"You should have just hired a bartender to hang around with you."

In which we sample—live, on air—the first non-alcoholic brew produced by our own …

4.17 Practical Recovery

"I got in a ton of fights. I never struck someone…but I got beat up a number of times."

The boys consider every day practical benefits of sobriety and recovery.


Themes: @djfmdotcom

4.16 (Re)Introducing Jeff & Matt & Chris

"Alright! I'll believe in you God! Just fix the plumbing!"

Whether you're new to the pod or a longtime listener, we thought it might be a good idea to reintroduce ourselves to give you, the …

4.15 Freddy Negrete / Tattoo Artist

"I said, 'God, I'm not going to make any promises because every promise I've made, I've broken.'"

Legendary tattoo artist Freddy Negrete is best known for his pioneering black-and-gray …

4.14 / Nikki DuBose

"I had to get it out…because I had been so silenced."

Nikki DuBose a former model turned author, speaker, and mental health advocate, recently released her memoir, Washed Away: From Darkness …

4.13: Jeff & Matt & Chris / Hot Takes!

“I really like not drinking now."

In and effort to have a "better than the worst" episode, the boys disucss medically assisted treatment, how to help a friend or family member we suspect of …

4.12 / Kasey Anderson / Musician

“If you were good at getting away with shit you wouldn't be (in prison.)"

Over seven days in 2012, Kasey lost his band, his home, and most of the …

4.11 In Which Neither Matt nor Chris Is Depressed.

"On a scale of 7 to 10, how depressed are you?"

Matt and Chris talk a lot about the podcast itself, gratitude, and the somewhat surprising lack of …

4.10 Amy Dresner / My Fair Junkie

"How sorry are you that you didn't get on this ride?!"

Amy Dresner is a former professional stand-up comic, having appeared at The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, and The Improv. Since …

4.09 Erin Shaw Street / Writer

NOTE: The first 5 minutes of Erin on mic are VERY hard to hear her. Then it gets better. My fault. —Chris

“This is my life and it's a fight for it.”

4.08 Chemical Solutions (& Weaponized Gratitude)

"We'd be fighting right now in a gutter."

We finally turn the mics on about 2 minutes in and we talk OTC solutions for addiction and little bit of …

4.07 Jeff & Matt & Chris / Anger Management

"If you're looking for context to solve all your problems, you'll never solve all your problems. You are the problem."

The guys talk about anger and …

4.06 Michael King / Facing Addiction

“Could I kill myself without it hurting? Or go to Europe and change my identity?”

Michael King is the National Director of Outreach & Engagement …

4.05 / Jeff & Chris (& Sabine) / Fun for the Whole Family

Jeff's back, Matt's out, plant medicine is discussed and stick around to the end for a very special surprise guest.


Themes: @djfmdotcom

4.04 Scott Pilara / Rehab Reform Advocate

"Plant-based medicine is the new paradigm in treating addiction and depression."

Scott began his career in the healing field, utilizing his inherent intuitive gifts as a life coach and sober …

4.03 Rea Bochner / Writer

"I was so horribly offended—like she had accused me of pedophilia. Me?! I don't need one of those meetings!"

Rea Bochner is a writer, musician, and mother. She wrote her first haiku in third …

4.02 Jeff & Matt & Chris

Nelsan Ellis, the shaming obituary for a great-grandmother, the immediate intimacy of Friends (and acquaintances) of Bill, and much, much MORE!

4.01 Noah Levine / Refuge Recovery

Hey, look! It's the first episode of Season 4! With Refuge Recovery founder, Noah Levine! Exclamation point!

3.38 Jeff & Matt & Chris

About an hour after the show ended I got an email from Alice apologizing for getting her days mixed up. D'oh! With HP as my witness, she will be on …

3.37 Refuge Recovery

The boys went to a Refuge Recovery meeting and found it refreshingly light on the dogma and heavy on the karma.

3.36 Content.

Contentment. A great feeling? Or, the best feeling? Also, alcohol causes cancer.

3.35 Ad. Diction. Addiction.

Matt & Chris cover a wide range of topics. Did Matt ever score on Silk Road? Can shrooms cure alcoholism? Are we cynical assholes? Find out the …

3.34 Scott Stevens / The Alcohologist

Scott Steven of joins us to discuss the health risks of alcohol and it's impact on healthcare and society.

3.33 Non-Alconolic

Are non-alcoholic beverages only for non-alcoholics? Burning question? Or burning desire?

Just the boys again, talking the Trump administration's …

3.32 It Could Have Been Worse

"I need to remember how bad it was and how bad it could have been.”—Chris as his 20th year of sobriety nears.

Jeff & Chris discuss long-term …

3.31 The Boys Are Back

"Fuck, I'm Ben Affleck."—Chris on our sobro casting in our Since Right Now biopic.

Chris is back from Europe and the gang's back together! Topics: N.A. beer, Brad Pitt, anonymity, and more!

3.30 Swole with Sobriety

“Please listen responsibly."

Some old favorites are back again: depression, anxiety, resentments, to go to meetings or not, what we drank—or didn't, …

3.29 We're Not as Think as You Recovered We Are

“You have to put a wall around Purdue Pharma."—Jeff on preventative wall placement.

The boys discuss Buddhism and psyche themselves up to go to a Refuge Recovery meeting, they express …

3.28 Wilson Horrell / Lift Heavy, Run Strong

"My dad asked me if you could go anywhere and do anything, what would you do? And I said, I'd go back to bed."—Wilson on depression in early recovery.

3.27 Jennifer O

"I couldn't just run two miles, I had to run a marathon." —Jennifer on her 'all or nothing' nature

Jennifer O of The First 500 on The Recovery …

3.26 The Personal Is Political

"The personal is political."

Jeff, Matt, & Chris break one of the taboo topics on the show and discuss recovery in context of the current …

3.23 Don't Panic.

Depression! Anxiety! Panic Attacks! It's all here folks.

Themes by @djfmdotcom!

3.21 Andy Haynes / Comedian

"(I was) having these moments where things were going really well and then things weren't going well and I didn't know why they were not going well.…'cause I thought I was trying." — Andy …

3.20 Chris & Jeff & Matt / Triot

Do I really have to spell it out for you?

3.19 No Evil On Live

“You can’t fight your way out.”

Chris on the fight-or-flight response to situations that trigger his social anxiety

Get a pen and paper and make your own liner notes. Fun for you!

3.18: We've Got Spirit

“It keeps a lot of people out.”—Jeff on the dogmatic requirement of a higher power in AA

Jeff, Matt & Chris try to figure out what the difference is between religion and spirituality; if …

3.16 Claire & Kristi II: Manning the Ramparts

”I'm a woman, I'm good with that.”—Claire
”Not everything has to be a perfect experience.”—Kristi

Claire Rudy Foster & Kristi Coulter back again.

3.15: Jennifer Matesa / Sex in Recovery

Jennifer is author of four nonfiction books about body, mind, and human well-being, including the just-published Sex in Recovery: A Meeting between the Covers, as well as The Recovering …

3.13: Annie McCullough / Advocate

“I grew up in an alcoholic home so I knew what alcoholism was but I didn't ever talk about it. So I lived in denial for 23 years."

Advocate Annie …

3.12: DJFM / Jon. G. / DJFM


“When you're not partying anymore, all the problems that the drugs were masking, that the alcohol was masking, they just …

3.11: Jeff+Chris+Matt / The 3 Amigos

“I don't even know what’s wrong. Career? Love? Money? Who the fuck knows?…I want to do something dangerous.”
—Real talk from Jeff

3.09: A Tale of Three Cities

It was the best of episodes; it was the worst of episodes.
We had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the …

3.08: Chris & Matt / State of the Revolution

“It was the loneliest, saddest little episode."
—Matt on the last time we recorded without Jeff

Chris and Matt concur that neither is depressed or …

3.07: Kera Yonker / Writer

“I could just drive over (to the liquor store) and nobody would know.”
—Kera on alcohols long reach

Kera Yonker is a Californian and quasi-New Yorker …

3.06: Jeff + Matt + Chris / Meditations

After two false starts Jeff, Matt and Chris spit hot fire over a sick beat. Well, we ramble semi-coherently for about an hour on a variety of topics—not the least of which being Chris’ meds.

3.05a: Chris / See You Next Wednesday

Yo! Chris is taking his show and going on vacation. For a week. Back next Wed with an all new show LIVE on @ 8p Central.

Call 507-556-7271 to leave us a VM and your …

3.04: Tammi Salas / Artist + Writer

"I'm not 21, so I can't (drink.)"
—Tammi on following the rules

Tammi hasn’t had a drink since February 3, 2015. She is a former wine …

3.03: Claire Rudy Foster / Author

“To walk around in an altered state and have that other eye…it made me feel safe and it made me feel very powerful. And I dove right-the-fuck in.”

3.02: Charlotte Rose Coyle / Artist

“I woke up in the hospital…my stomach was…bleeding. My heart had shut off. But a few days later I drank again.” —Charlotte on the tenacity of denial in addiction.

On day one of her …

3.01: Lisa Smith / Girl Walks Out of a Bar

“There were mornings waking up (with) no clue what happened last night but it was never something at that point where I would think I should stop…or …

16.25: Jeff, Matt & Chris / Long Time, First Time

"I was high when we talked if I recall correctly."
—A live caller to the BIGGER, BADDER, BOLDER, LIVER Since Right Now.

Tune in to find out who…

16.24: Jeff, Matt & Chris / Recovery LIVE!

"It as always more about the destination than the route."—Matt on "getting lost."

Part 1 of our two-part 2 Year Anniversary LIVEstravaganza.

Beginning with this episode the show will be …

16.23: Carly Benson / Miracles Are Brewing

"I need help. I need a miracle."
—Carly on coming to believe that a power greater than herself could restore her to sanity.

As an avid traveler, yogi …

16.22: Erin Bahadur / Erin’s Inside Job

“I decided to start taking random pills from the pharmacy where I worked.”—Erin on adapting to her circumstances.

Erin is a recovering addict, personal trainer, freelance writer, and blogger …

16.21: Helaina Hovitz / After 9/11

“I remember waking up the next morning, there was blue paint all over my nurse’s costume, there were chicken nuggets on the terrace…”
—Helaina on the makings of a memorable rock bottom.

16.20: Jeff & Chris / Keep Coming Back (To The Podcast)

"…and then I realize I sound like a tremendous dick.“—Chris, in the rooms.

In which Chris goes to listen to Jeff speak, doesn't know what the fuck is going on and ends up speaking himself.

16.19: Mishka Shubaly / I Swear I'll Make It Up to You

"Everyone knew what they were going to be; I had no idea. Then as soon as I drank I was like THIS is what I'm going to be."—Mishka on career choices.

A misfit kid at the best of times, …

16.18: Garrett Braukman / Alta Centers

“I just had a doctor's appointment and he asked (about my family history.) I said as long as mental health isn’t involved we’re pretty healthy.”

16.17: Kristi Coulter / Off-Dry

“I was hungover for many years and I just thought I was tired.”—Kristi on the self-delusions of the active alcoholic.

Kristi is an essayist and …

16.16: Nancy Carr / Last Call

“I didn't come crawling into an AA meeting thinking, ‘Oh, I've got to quit drinking.’”—Nancy on denials last gasp.

Inspired by writers she admired for their honesty and grit—Joyce Maynard, …

16.15: Kelly Aguirre Berkey / Chris’ Sister

“I didn't start dealing until my dealer went to jail.“—Kelly on rising to the occasion.

From Kelly:
Now, after a relapse and fresh out of out-patient, this time feels different. I feel this a …

16.14: Veronica Valli / Recovery Rocks!

“I hit another rock bottom about two and a half years into sobriety that was probably worse than before I got sober.”

As a recovered alcoholic and …

16.13: John Lipscomb & Adrianne Lugo / The Painting and The Piano

“We both lost our mothers to their disease at 47.”
—John on how this disease infects the family tree.

John and Adrianne are the co-authors of The Painting and The Piano, their improbable …

16.12: Rosemary O'Conner / ROC Recovery

“I was really treating all the guilt, shame, regret, and fear with alcohol.”—Rosemary on self-medicating

Rosemary, sober since 1999, understands the …

16.11: Matt & Chris / Depression

"This shouldn't be this fuck*ng hard." — Matt


Themes: @djfmdotcom

Cover: Frank Harbert and Fred Zwickel at Mill Creek Watershed / …

16.10: Dustin John / A Walk In His Shoes

"Seeing the chaos get worse and worse I knew that I had to change." —Dustin

Dustin is an advocate against the "War on Drugs" and is helping the addiction community fight against the horrible …

16.09: Recovery Renegades

"Don't you go changing on me alcoholism."
—Matt on the affirmation of hearing other's recovery stories

The boys strap on their waders and step into a …

16.08: Matt Mendoza / Addiction Unscripted

"I remember the pharmacist—or the guy in the white coat—he goes, 'Is there anything you need?'…and I said, 'No.' Then he goes, 'Is there anything you don't need?" —Matt in Mexico

Matt is the …

16.07: Kendra & Simon / Rocket Designs

"When we were drinking, each day (looked) a lot like yesterday."—Simon on his and Kendra‘s drinking years together.

After years of drinking together, Simon & Kendra got sober in October …

16.06: Kyczy Hawk / S.O.A.R. Yoga

"I was on (an) emotional relapse and decided to take a yoga class. And that yoga class kind of unwound me and I was able to tap into some storm that was brewing inside me."—Kyczy on the …

16.05: Natasha Silver Bell / Recovery Coach

"I decided to pick up, and I decided to do it by announcing it to a group of people, and they all toasted me out of the program with a very expensive bottle of wine."
—Natasha on "graduating …

16.04: Jane X / Desert Yuja

"I had to take a water bottle filled with vodka with me just to get through the day."—Jane on getting through the day.

Jane is @yujachingu on Twitter


Image: drink me …

16.03: Nothing's Shocking

"(The relationship) helped me realize just how edgy, dark and hard I wasn't."—Chris on being in over his head.

Jeff listened to @thishomepod Ep.22: …

Episode 1550: Recovery. Live That Shit.

Please, visit us at TheRecoveryRevolution.Online
See you next year!

Shaggy, Professor & Ol' Dirty Blue Eyes

Episode 1549: Jeff & Chris Talking About Relapse

"I remember thinking in my drunken stupor—and quickly suppressing (the thought)—that I had an issue."—Chris on Since Right Now

Show notes:
Take notes. Use Google.

Episode 1547: Aaron Lee Perry /

"Some people miss the bottom." — Aaron on SRN

The enormously talented Aaron Lee Perry of (and recent cover feature on …

Episode 1545: Nicola O'Hanlon / I Love Recovery Café

"My recovery evolves all the time. It's important for me to give back what I have received."—Nicola on SRN

@nicola-o-hanlon has been in recovery since …

Episode 1544: Tim F. Drops Perspective on Chris

"You were a master of self-sabotage."—Tim

Tim, a normie, has know Chris for over two decades. He has seen Chris at his worst in active addiction and he was the first person to see Chris on …

Episode 1543: Resentments, Self-Help & The AntiGuru™

"Fu*k Ram Dass."—Chris on SRN

Nothing you know about anything is right and everything you know about everything is right.

This is an episode where it is highly recommended that you take what …

Episode 1542: Jean McCarthy / Unpickled & The Bubble Hour

"It doesn't matter if you're not sleeping on a park (bench)…or not driving your kids to school with vodka in your coffee mug…or whatever is your 'I …

Episode 1541: The Gang Talks About Social Anxiety. And Depression

"You start to realize just how many (social activities) are really just about getting super hamskied."—MATT

The Sober Squad™ does not boldly go where …

Episode 1540: Jo Sullivan / Counselor & Fund Raiser

"I was one of those drinkers that blacked out the first time I drank. I thought I wouldn't drink again. Three days later I did."—Jo on SRN

Jo is just …

Episode 1539: Recover, Recover…RECOVER OUT LOUD!

The Recovery Renegades™ return to tell tales from the frontlines of the Recovery Revolution™ .

Jeff loves everybody.
Matt makes lemonade after …

Episode 1538: Scott Magnuson & Shaaren Pine / Torn Together

"I had to figure out a way to be (sober) around (alcohol) constantly."—Scott (restauranteur) on SRN

Torn Together is a memoir, written by recovering …

Episode 1537: SRN [Almost] LIVE!

"It's become really important to me.…I can count on the best cup of coffee I've had all week and I'll probably get the best laugh I'll have all week…" —Matt on SRN

We intended to do a live …

Episode 1536: Brian Cuban / Author, Speaker, Activist

Brian's recovery journey took him through clinical depression, twenty-seven years of eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, alcohol and drug …

Episode 1535: Sean Paul Mahoney / Playwright & Humorist

"As it progresses it's like an animal that you have to take care of all the time…and you really can't do anything else."

Sean has been a writer, humorist and storyteller since he …

Episode 1534: Donald McFarland / UNITE to Face Addiction

"On the fourth we're going to stand next to each other and be like, 'Do you believe this?'"—Donald on SRN

Donald (Ep.1523) joins us this time in his …

Episode 1533: Jill Bauer / The Rooms Project

"I think I was drinking suicidally from day one where I need to drink myself into oblivion and not feel or remember anything."
—Jill on SRN

Jillian …

Episode 1532: Robert McClellan / Real Sobriety

"I spent all the kids’ Christmas money. I got drunk. I took all the money that my wife and I had saved. I was supposed to be picking up some big gifts a couple days before Christmas but …

Episode 1531: Laura Silverman / The Sobriety Collective

"(The counselor) had me go through the "Are You and Alcoholic?" checklist…and I said 'yes' to just about everything and I think I said, 'But I don't …

Episode 1530: Sacha Z. Scoblic / Unwasted: My Lush Sobriety

"There's no reason to wait until you're in a public park with your pants around your ankles to be like, Wait! I should quit drinking!"
—Sacha on SRN

Episode 1529: Anna David / AfterPartyMagazine + AfterPartyPod

"I would quit for a few weeks or a month and congratulate myself on not being a cocaine addict and then I'd go back to doing it."
—Anna on SRN

Anna, …

Episode 1526: Sarah Hepola, Author / Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget

"You get sober and you realize that person you were pretending to be you actually are." —Sarah on SRN

If you've read Sarah's beautifully-crafted …

Episode 1523: Donald McFarland / Unite to Face Addiction

Donald has over three decades of experience in politics. His work has combined communications, field, electoral, and advocacy experience. He's also …

Episode 1522: AA Founders' Day Roadtrip 2015

Three dudes in a car on the way back to STL from Akron talking about their experience at Founders' Day on the 80th Anniversary of …

Episode 1521: Daniel Maurer / Sobriety: A Graphic Novel

Leave a comment or review on SoundCloud or iTunes between June 11 and June 29, 2015 for a chance to win 1 of 2 copies we're giving away. Drawing on …

Episode 1519: AA / You Can't Always Get What You Want. But…

Whence the AA hate? Recovery is a spectrum with highly-personal stories along it's length. Why must one person's experience necessarily be another's.

Even as a #nonAnon Chris doesn't get the …

Episode 1518: Wes Hurt / Clean Cause Water

Shot Out of A (Water) Cannon.

Wes is quite literally a man on a mission. Just 10 months sober, he's working with a fervor to carry the message while he carries (his) water to the recovery …

Episode 1517: Joe C. / Rebellion Dogs

Sobriety does not inoculate us against the trials and tribulations of life. We use the idea of "Maintaining long-term sobriety through life-altering …

Episode 1516: Paul Henry / The Alcoholic's Guide to Alcoholism

"Paul" is a recovering alcoholic, currently following a PhD into the neuromechanisms of addictive behaviours. His own experience of recovery, coupled …

Episode 1515 / A Very Special Episode: Selling Spirits Sober

Jeff, Matt and Chris have all spent rather lengthy segments of their respective careers creating advertising and promotions for alcohol. We've worked …

Episode 1511: Fool Me Once

Flatulence, Opioids & Abraham Lincoln. One of these things is not like the other. / Dave Cooke

Opioid Misuse In Chronic Pain Patients …

Episode 1514: Magz Shores / Sober Courage

We had an absolutely terrific chat with Magz, Chris shares the bit of familial closure he got this past week and we tease Episode 1515. A Very …

Episode 1513.1: Dave Cooke / 100 Pedals

Thanks to technical difficulties we have the first part of our first two-parter. And our first cliffhanger!

Dave knows first-hand the "confusion, …

Episode 1510: Spring!

Jeff, Matt & Chris return refreshed and renewed with a wide-ranging, edge-of-your-seat recovery chat. At times aimless and unfocused and at times meandering across barely-related …

Episode 1509: Recovery, one podcast at at time.

Three friends in recovery from alcohol and other drugs talking about it.

Clip: It's A Wonderful Life / 1946 / Liberty Films

Episode 1508: SMART Recovery: Doing Recovery Differently

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."—Not Albert Einstein*

In the interest of …

Episode 1507: You can lead a horse to sobriety, but you can't make it not drink.

In which Jeff, Matt and Chris discuss getting sober, staying sober, triggers, N.A., rehab and more!

Episode 1505: I’m clean enough, I’m sober enough, and doggone it, I’m angry.

Bad attitudes and “banal platitudes” in recovery.


Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself / …

Episode 1502: Recover Rewind Review / Clean and Sober

Ep. 1502
Recover, Rewind, Review
Clean and Sober

In which Jeff, Matt and I discuss the 1988 Michael Keaton rehab/12 Step classic then finish with an extended discussion that covers the 12th …

1501.0 / Guess Who's Back

Tell A Friend…Seriously, Tell A Friend.

Thanks for sticking with us while we took a couple of weeks off to deck our halls, roast our chestnuts and dash through snow laughing all the way. …

Episode 22: Isolation & Addiction

"No matter where you go, there you are." — Buckaroo Banzai*

Jeff and Chris are joined by episode 22's Matt and episode 16's Marilyn for a super fun …

Episode 21: Matt / Since April 2014

Jeff and Chris welcome (back) their long-time friend from a stint in the wild. In Matt's story relapse is indeed a part of recovery.

Legal …

Episode 19: Holidazed & Confused

Jeff & Chris talk about being sober during the Holidays.
Our new segment, 100% Volume by Alcoholics (with Marilyn Spiller of …

Episode 18: Jon G. / My Last Stand & DJ FM

In his riveting visit with us, the deeply-thoughtful and erudite Jon G. takes us to and through his recovery up to this point and gives us a glimpse …

Episode 17: Joe C. / Rebellion Dogs

Joe, who got sober in his teens and is about to celebrate his 38th year of sobriety this month, is a man of many hats and talents. Joe’s a recovery trailblazer in the vanguard of those …

Episode 16: Marilyn / Waking Up the Ghost

Waking Up the Ghost? I’ll let Marilyn explain:

“… the first time I heard that expression, I was sitting on a deserted island in the Exumas, with a jaundiced Bahamian named Sands. I think it …

Episode 14: Meditations, Meetings & Steps

Chris goes to his second, Jeff takes someone else to their first and the 12th Step seems to have been the one that in one way or another got us each to our destinations.


The 12th …

Episode 13: Two Alcoholics Walk Into A Room


In which the S.O.S meeting Jeff and Chris set out to attend is not the S.O.S. meeting they find. Which then leads Jeff to …

Episode 12: Resentments, Denial, Enabling

One of Those Three Is Not A River In Egypt.

We talk about all three.
Also, the question is raised as to whether Chris may be a narcissist.

• Denial In Addicted Family Systems / …

Episode 11: Making Up For Lost Time

Sober Dates, Slips, Relapse, Second Stage Recovery & Step 9

The second episode to solicit topics via Twitter is the first to be informed almost …

Episode 10: They're All Going To Laugh At You (Carrie On, My Wayward Son)

Anonymity. Shame. Stigma. Ain't nobody got time for that. Chris and Jeff talk about it.

How Addiction Really Affects The Family / …

Episode 9: You Can't Unring A Bell

After a brief "celebration" of Chris' Sober Birthday (9.1.97) Chris and Jeff talk about the challenge of a family get together when there's an …

Episode 8: Defining An Addict: Language, Creativity, Depression, Addiction

We briefly consider how we, as addicts, feel about the terms used to describe us. By others? By ourselves? Then we consider—at length!—what's up with addicts so often being plagued by …

Episode 7: (What's So Funny 'Bout) Truth, Shame and Ego

Jeff and Chris chat—and laugh—about getting to the truth in recovery (both in general and in the context of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous,) …

Episode 2: Uncomfortably Numb

Longtime-friends, Chris and Jeff, have over 30 years in relapse-free recovery between them. In this episode they continute to each learn a bit more about the other's recovery. The emotional …

Episode 1: Hello, Our Name Is Since Right Now And We Are Alcoholics.

Meet your co-hosts, long-time friends, Chris and Jeff, as they discuss how they got to right now. Jeff, the one who just celebrated 14 years of sobriety, has been goint to AA since before …

Episode 0000

It began not with a bang, but with a whimper.

I have exhumed the very first expression of Since Right Now and have recommitted it to the record for posterity and the completists.

Recorded on …

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